Fragrance Diffuser for your office and business


EFFUSION is a professional column-shaped Scent Diffuser ,with an essential and modern design, realized with shiny metal. It’s powered by 220V and doesn't need any installation, apart from an electrical socket.

It constantly and uniformly diffuses the fragrance throughout the room thanks to a continuous air recirculation system which produces delicate and pleasant perfumes.

It is perfect for large spaces (up to about 240 m3 in closed environments) and perfectly combines with any kind of furniture. EFFUSION professional scent diffuser is made in Italy, CE marked, comes with a 24-month warranty and delivery ex-works.

Effusion Scent Diffuser is specially studied for Scent Marketing, and it's particularly suitable for use in large spaces such as stores, hotels, offices, large buildings, medical studies and many other.

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